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Forex Daily Outlook July 16 2012

| July 16, 2012 | 0 Comments

We started the week with Store Revenue in the US and CPI in New Zealand as the main features on today’s current perspective. Let us see what is waiting for us today.

In the US, Store Revenue calculate all the sales at the retail level, increase is likely from -0.2% on May up to 0.1%, and in the Primary Store Revenue (not such as cars) is about to increase up from -0.4% on May up to 0.1% now.

Later in the US, Kingdom State Development Catalog, Company’s Per month Study to rate the common New You are able to company circumstances, due to increase up from 2.3 factors on May up to 3.9 factors now.

Finally in the US, Business Selections, all the products that are organised in stock by producers, suppliers and merchants, is about to reduces by 0.2% on May down to 0.2%.

In North america, Foreign Investments Buys, value all the household shares, ties that are bought by outsiders, due to increase from 10.20B on the last 30 days up to 13.51B now.

For more on USD/CAD, study the North america money prediction.

In European countries, Customer Cost Catalog (CPI), actions the customer’s price modify for products or solutions, no modify is predicted and 2.4% is likely to stay. And on the Primary CPI (without food, energy, alcohol, and tobacco), 1.6% is predicted similar to the last month

Later in EUR, Business Balance, value the difference between brought in and released products or solutions, 4.8B is predicted now from 6.2B on May.

For more on the Dollar, study the Dollar to money prediction.

In Great England, Rightmove House Cost Catalog (HPI), value the asking modify cost of real estate, no modify is likely from the last 30 days and 1% is due to stay.

Read more about the Lb in the GBP/USD prediction.

In European countries, Business Development, producers, mines, and programs total inflation-adjusted modify outcome value, is due to fall down from 8.8% on the last one fourth to -7.5% now.

Read more about the European countries franc in the USD/CHF prediction.

In New Zealand, Customer Cost Catalog (CPI), customer’s price modify of products or solutions, 0.5% is likely with no modify from the last one fourth.

For more about the kiwi fruit, see the NZD/USD prediction.

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