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vsd1 forexmt4systems.com FOREX VSD SYSTEM

It is important that you read this letter to the end as not to loose this life changing opportunity to make lots of $$$!

One of the best Expert Forex Trader
Reveals his System That Enables Anyone and With No Experience to Make Litterally Shocking Amounts of Money Trading the Forex Market Like a PROFESSIONAL.


There is a Limited Amount of the VSD Forex Trading Systems and Indicators which has completely changed the lives of many people in different parts of the world, whilst the question YOU may ask yourself is..

Am I The Next Lucky One? The Answer To This Is YES Of Course!!

If you want to start trading your money and as no doubt there is – making some huge profits out of it then you need to read this letter because it was written by a veteran who has a 35 years of Forex Trading Market experience.

This is in fact a life changing guide which will help you throughout your journey to become a very knowledgable and experienced trader like myself.

But.. You may ask … What Could be The Reason for me to sell my best forex systems?

And the answer is, WHY Shouldn‘t I? I have loads of free time. I first did this with my FXSS Trading System. The profit I received simply shocked me, and as a result I have many traders who are using my forex systems and with whom I constantly KEEP IN TOUCH. I have also helped a lot of people to become profitable traders too and this shows my guaranteed promise to help ‘new-born‘ traders in their pathway to finally succeed.

However, You should be aware of the fact that the forex market itself is huge and extremely competitive… the number of people using my systems in the market will not get saturated. So why note take a few people to join me in this interesting ride?

The TRUTH here is.. they make money by trading with my forex systems and indicators and I also make some extra money by simply sharing with you my work as well as show you how to use the system or help you and explain EVERYTHING YOU NEED.

It is important that you read this letter to the end as not to loose this life changing opportunity to make lots of $$$!

Because.. you are now about to discover the Forex Market Secret!

  • Discover Right knowledge and right timing are the main secrets to forex success
  • The system I used in the last 25 years and how I made millions of dollars in the forex market.
  • Through Anticipating the ups or downs in the currencies of the countries being watched This forex system will let you understand the trend of the market and make trading decisions like a Pro Trader.
  • These secrets to forex success is different from secrets in winning at the stock market.

100% TRUE STORIES What people say about Forex VSD System?



EWB (a.k.a. CrashingMedic), Dallas, TX: 

I have only been trading FOREX for about 1-1/2 years, and during that time I have purchased several systems, but this one, is one of the best that I have purchased or used to date. I     had no issues downloading or installing the program, or any problems with the user manuals. It is a straight forward system that is easy to use, without too many bells & whistles so   you can focus on trading and not the system itself. I prefer to only trade one pair at a time, so I can stay focused on what I am doing, and I am not having any problems bringing in at   least +250 pips per day just on the GBP/JPY, and I have only had the system for 5 days now, and have only been trading it on my real account for 3.

I definitely recommend the VSD Forex system as it is a complete, professional & profitable system that is easy to use.



Thomas Mills, UK: 

Simply, the VSD System is excellent, without doubt. I have seen many systems during my 25 years experience of Technical Analyses, but this system stands out as somthing special. I highly recommend it for both experienced traders as well as beginners.




C. B. Ledham, Kuwait: 

This is a great tool. Very accurate and easy to use. I have been searching for a long time for something that actually works and this is it. I have never left a review for a software before but i have to admit that this product is excellent in its performance, it dellivers as promised,i will give it a five star rating since i am currently using it on my live account with Alpari U.S.



Caleb , Glendale, AZ: 

So many forex aids I have got before and yet the best one I use is VSD. I paid good money a lot of times before but I am now sure that VSD will be the last one, because it has already show me very good profits for three months.



Steve Sehrt, Washington, Missouri – USA: 

Great method/ system. FOLLOW the rules and it works. Like ANY method to trade the markets it helps if you have a good understanding of how markets work in the first place. Email support is great, always willing to help. Good value for $$ spent on the method/ system.





Why is the VSD System And Its Indicators suitable for all traders?

In the forex market there are 4 types of traders:

The four major types I propose are the following:

1. Breakout/Breakdown
2. Retracements
3. Reversals
4. Rangebound Fades

1. Breakout Trades

When experiencing extended range consolidation, it is best to begin considering playing for a Breakout in hopes of a new, sustained breakout move. Recall that other traders will be attempting to “fade” the breakout and if price continues, they will be forced out by their stop-losses.

2. Retracement Trades

Retracements often have the highest probability of success when properly identified (in a trending environment). Core trading strategies can be utilized as well as swing trading strategies which seek to capture the “sweet spots” or a simple ‘leg’ of price movement (these can be the
distance from a support zone to the most recent swing-high price.

3. Reversal Trades

Although Reversals have the lowest probability of success, when they truly occur, they can produce some of the largest profits if you capture near the true reversal zone. Realize that calling tops or bottoms is a losing game if you do not press your edge when the trade goes in your favor
because your win ratio will be so low.

4. Rangebound Trading

Finally, Rangebound or Fade-Trades occur when you have identified a rangebound, consolidating market with clear support and resistance boundaries to provide profit targets and close stop-loss zones (just outside the often parallel channel lines). This tends to be profitable until a breakout occurs, in which you could endure large losses if you trade without stops. Realize that price expansion often follows consolidation, as markets do not consolidate (or trend) forever.

NOW … In your own trading, identify which set-ups you take most often and see if they fit into any of these above patterns. Learning where you fit in the “Grand Game of Trading” can lift your confidence and give you that psychological edge needed over the competition who is driven by emotion and fails to study market structure.

vsd1 forexmt4systems.com FOREX VSD SYSTEM


  • Our team have built this set-up mainly for day traders in short it is optimized to work on 15MIN and 1H timeframes only. Recommended to trade USD crosses.

  • It has 8 indicators which work along to generate very accurate entry and exit points. All traders now look for system which will not repaint as it could give many false signals, We guarantee 100% that our VSD System will NOT REPAINT!

  • You will be able to customize these indicators by setting alert, different color etc.

  • We said that it is for forex, but you will be able to apply it also for futures, CFDs, stocks.

System value: 37.95$ Limited Offer


Below is the picture with all VSD System indicators:

vsd2 forexmt4systems.com FOREX VSD SYSTEM

 VSD HA indicator which will come with alert function:

vsd3 forexmt4systems.com FOREX VSD SYSTEM
We have applied it as it visually works PERFECTLY along with moving averages to follow the trade.

VSD 15MIN and 1H signal arrows without a possibility to reapaint:

vsd4 forexmt4systems.com FOREX VSD SYSTEM
This indicator will only work on 15min and 1h charts with current MA settings programmed.

VSD buy/sell zone indicator merged with MACD:

vsd5 forexmt4systems.com FOREX VSD SYSTEM

Applied with MACD, you will be able to follow trend strenght and and exit your trades on time.

VSD vostro indicator:

vsd6 forexmt4systems.com FOREX VSD SYSTEM

This is very powerful indicator, mainly with its signal you will be pulling the trigger, all the details on how to trade you will receive with manual guide.

Below is the picture of perfect trade example confirmed by these powerful indicators:

vsd7 forexmt4systems.com FOREX VSD SYSTEM


We are not selling a robot or an automated trading system as We firmly believe that each trading strategy is as unique as the trader who uses it. Nor we are going to promise or guarantee any unrealistic returns but with our details this set up will be 90%+ ACCURATE . We are offering the software that will enable you to build highly personalized, profitable trading strategies which are catered to your style and experience, money management, and needs.


  • 8 system indicators.

  • VSD 15-1h timeframe template.

  • Unlimited technical support.

  • Installation & operation manual.

System value: 37.95$ Limited Offer


  • Moneybookers (Skrill)
  • Liberty Reserve

Alternatively you can pay with Moneybookers (Skrill) and Liberty Reserve. As these orders need to be manually processed, please contact us before you place your order. Our support team will provide you with the purse number and assist with the order process.